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Transitioning from Halls to your new Home

By hannahk 25 Apr 2024

In the next few months, lots of you will be preparing to move out of halls and move into a privately rented house out in a local, residential area. 

Moving out from halls and living in a privately rented house can feel like a big adjustment from halls for lots of reasons. To help get you started, we have a whole Moving on from Halls series to help you prepare for the big move.

Moving into a private house with friends can be a super exciting part of your university journey but we know that there can be quite a few new things to get used to. Rest assured, no matter where you live while studying at uni, there’ll be support available so you’re never alone. 

Finding your new home and housemates!

Not found your next accommodation just yet? Not a problem. It's important not to rush the process and to be sure that you sign up to a contract that you are 100% happy with. 

You’re looking into your housing options for next year. Where can you find accredited landlords that you can trust?
Liverpool Student Homes
Quick search online
Through a friend of a friend
Select 1 answers

Your new commute...

Maybe you're a Greenbank resident and used to taking the bus already. Or maybe you’ll be trying out public transport in Liverpool for the first time in September. Luckily, no matter where you live in the city, you won’t be too far from campus. Liverpool is a relatively compact city with lots of public transport links. We recommend that you try out your new commute before the semester starts in September whether that’s by walking, cycling or bus.

Why not take a look at Arriva’s bus pass options to research the best one for you?

It's time to move in, what next?

The day finally arrives and it's time to move into your new home! You might be thinking about how to decorate your new bedroom or where to find your local supermarket. As well as these essentials, it's useful to think about what else you might have to do when you pick up the keys to your new place.

What tasks should you do when you first move in?
Take meter readings
Find out how to turn the electrics and water off in case of an emergency
Check inventory and report any issues to your landlord
Get to know your fire exits
All of the above
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Getting to know your new neighbours

Unlike living in halls, your new neighbours won't all be university students. If you’ll be moving out into the likes of Kensington or Smithdown, you’ll find that you’ll be living amongst established communities that include families and elderly people for example. It’s important to be mindful of the impact of your daily activities for those living nearby.

Curfews in the community

Unlike living in halls, you'll no longer have your Residential Adviser letting you know the noise is a little loud at 11pm. It's still important to keep to a curfew when living in a local, residential area to make sure the community can live together harmoniously.

What time is considered the latest before noise is officially considered as antisocial?
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Bills & Budgeting

When living in a privately rented property, you may pay rent with bills included but you might also pay separately for gas and electricity (depending on your contract). Get to know what your contract includes (& doesn't include) and don’t be afraid to reach out to your provider with any questions. This will help you prepare and budget for the semester ahead!

Support available

While your experience is likely to be a positive one, it’s still a good idea to get to know what support is out there should you ever need it.

If you were to face any problems such as noise, neighbour issues etc, who can you contact for support?
Liverpool City Council
Guild of Students
Liverpool Student Homes
All of the above
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