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RA CPD - Liverpool City Council – Domestic Violence Awareness

By eknowles 18 Mar 2024

Your Warden may previously have made you aware of the online training course being offered by Liverpool City Council on Domestic Violence Awareness. This is a basic e-learning course that takes around 30 minutes to complete and aims to provide key information to help recognise the factors that can lead to domestic abuse and how to identify signs and indicators, aid understanding of the effects it can have, and equip staff with the knowledge of where to refer for help. 

Whilst this is not a student or University specific course, it provides information to aid awareness of this topic as well as details of national and local specialised services for further support. As with all welfare/wellbeing training that is non UoL specific, please remember to work within existing reporting structures for the RA team when dealing with any concerns, disclosures or incidents of this nature. 

If you wish to undertake this course, it can be accessed below. There is a knowledge test at the end of the training and you are able to download a certificate of completion when this is passed. If you do complete this course, please let us know at so we can update our training records.

We are aware that this is a sensitive topic that can trigger feelings or past experiences for people. Please remember that there is support out there for you as RA team members, via your Wardens as well as the Wellbeing Team at the University, and the more specialist services mentioned in the training itself. 


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