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Moving into the community: Keeping your home safe and secure

By hannahk 17 May 2022

When arranging a house for next year, it’s important to make sure that it’s the right house in terms of size, location and practicality. It’s just as important to consider how safe the house is and what you can do to make it even more secure while you live there.

Consider the following before moving in:

  1. Is there a burglar alarm?
  2. Do the doors and windows feel secure and have locks?
  3. Is the home easy to secure?
  4. Are there smoke alarms, carbon monoxide monitors, fire doors and fire blankets?

Unsure about whether your home has these properties? Contact your housing provider to check.

It’s useful to think about the differences from living in Halls to a private house in the community in terms of keeping safe. Ultimately it’s up to you and your housemates to consider the safety and security of where you live to ensure you have a happy and safe experience.

There are many simple, easy measures that you and your housemates can take to ensure your new home will be as secure and safe as possible. Our top tip is to make good habits from the day you move in so that these safety measures will just become second nature!

  • Lock all external doors at all times, even if you are home
  • Don’t leave valuables on show i.e. near windows, in cars
  • If a door/window lock breaks, contact your housing provider as soon as possible
  • Don’t leave packaging for expensive items (laptop, phones) in bins outside your home
  • If the house will be vacant, encourage everyone to take their valuables with them and make sure that the last person locks up
  • Keep your back gate/fence locked at all times
  • Consider getting insurance for your valuable items
  • Take care with what you post on social media e.g. if you are away from your student house during the holidays, try not to advertise this on social media and burglars may know that the house is empty
  • Try to be in to accept deliveries and don't let parcels to build up outside the house. This can be an indicator to burglars that no-one is in
  • Keep your keys in a safe place and not near the front door where they can be easily accessed

Overall, remember be vigilant! If you notice anything suspicious or unusual you can contact the Police. For non-emergencies contact 101 or visit the Merseyside Police Website and for emergency services call 999.

For housing advice, including home safety and security, contact Liverpool Student Homes (University accreditation scheme). You can also visit their website for safety advice. 

Watch this vlog by fellow students for more tips on living out in the community...


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