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Moving into the community: Keeping your home and area clean

By hannahk 09 May 2022

Moving out into the community means that you and your housemates become responsible for your own waste and recycling. It’s up to each household to know what kind of waste goes in each bin and when to put your bins out for collection.

Unlike in Halls, you won’t have a helpful member of the Halls team to empty your bins and clean your kitchen! It's therefore up to you to know how to do this properly. The colour of bins varies between local councils so it’s important to learn which bin is for what. It’s simple:

  • Purple bin – general, non-recyclable waste
  • Blue bin or blue bag – recyclable waste

Not sure what’s considered recyclable and non-recyclable waste? Watch this 40 second video to find out.

You can also refer to the council’s website for easy to use guidelines. 

Here’s our advice on getting to grips with managing your waste while living out in the community:

  • In your household, set up a rota or take turns for your housemates to take the bins out for collection each week as this helps share the responsibility! E.g. if 4 of you live in your household, each person would only have to put the bins out once per month.
  • Put your house number on your bin with either stickers or a permanent marker. Where there are lots of multiple occupancy houses, there are lots of bins. Keep track of yours by simply adding your house number.
  • Not sure when your collection date is or when to put your bin out? Ask a neighbour or check Liverpool City Council’s website.
  • Noticed an issue with street cleaning or litter issues? Report it here.
  • Check there are no plastic bags or general waste in your recycling bin, it won’t be collected and you’ll be stuck with it for another week or maybe two!

For more tips on living out in the community, check out the video below...