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Moving on from Halls: 10 things to do once you've moved in

By hannahk 04 Apr 2024

When the big day comes and you move into your new home, you might think what next?

Here's 10 things to add to your to do list...

  1. Take meter readings and submit them to your energy provider or accommodation provider to avoid paying for the previous tenants’ usage. Find out more about looking after your bills here. 
  2. Check how to turn off the gas, electrics and where the stopcock is in case of an emergency
  3. Take a look at the doors and window locks to check that they all work safely
  4. Familiarise yourself with fire exits and where the fire safety equipment is e.g. fire blankets, extinguisher
  5. Introduce yourself and say hello to your new neighbours. Find out more about being a good neighbour here.
  6. Find out when your bin collection dates are and where you will need to put your bins for collection (ask a neighbour or visit the Liverpool City Council website)
  7. Explore the area, find out where your local supermarket is, bus stop, GP and dentist
  8. Get into good habits of locking all doors and windows when leaving your home. Find out more about keeping your home safe and secure here.
  9. Set up a rota for cleaning/taking the bins out for collection with your housemates
  10. Be sure to know who to contact if you need support, advice or guidance 

The Student Community Guide also has lots of helpful tips for settling in and keeping safe while living out in the community. 


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