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Exploring Liverpool

Food from across the world in Liverpool

By hannahk 15 Aug 2023

We asked our international residents "Where do you  recommend to eat in Liverpool if you want a taste of home?"...

It's safe to say that we are not short of recommendations. So whether you're looking for a reminder of home or whether you want to try cuisines from across the world, you're in the right place! 

If you have a recommendation, don't forget to tag us @livunihalls and we'll add it to our list...

Mr Zhang Kitchen

This restaurant is right next to South Campus and is best known for it's Sichuan food. Click here for directions.

Renshaw Street Market 

This food hall is home to over a dozen world cuisines and just a 10 minute walk from campus. It offers everything from Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Turkish and Japanese food. Click here for directions.

A Sushi Bar

Another great option right near to campus is A Sushi Bar on Myrtle Street. Another recommendation from one of our very own residents for sushi, ramen and rice bowls. Click here for directions.


This vegan and vegetarian restaurant serves authentic Indian food in the city centre & offers Thalia, Chaat, Dosa and more! Click here for directions.

SK Little India

Another great option for authentic Indian food with vegan and vegetarian options & serving a Thali buffet. Click here for directions.

Hee Kee café and restaurant 

This local restaurant is just 10 minutes walk from campus and serves Hong Kong style fast food. Click here for directions. Click here for directions.

Mon Petit Chou

This micro-patisserie and bakehouse makes delicious treats and pastries, both sweet and savoury! This bakery is probably more local to our Greenbank residents but fear not, Rough Hand Made is another example of an amazing bakery in the city! Click here for directions to Mon Petit Chou. Click here for directions to Rough Hand Made.


Etsu serves authentic Japanese food in Liverpool city centre. It has everything from sharing plates to sushi and more! Click here for directions.


Chaiiwala is known as the home of chaii and desi street food and serves delicious Karak coffee. With restaurants across the world, we're lucky enough to have one right on our doorstep! Click here for directions.

Yum Cha

Yum Cha was recommended in particular for its delicious dim sum! More of a local for our Greenbank students but easy enough to reach by bus from campus. It's well worth a visit! Click here for directions.


The founder of Mowgli is a local to Liverpool and where the restaurant chain first started! Mowgli is best known for its delicious Indian food. Click here for directions.

KO Grill

 KO grill is home to Arab and South Asian and is popular with its wraps, rice dishes, grill and curries. Definitely one to add to your list! Click here for directions.

Jidong Tea

Jidong is all about bubble tea and desserts! With a couple of shops on campus and in the city centre, you won't be far from your next bubble tea fix! Click here for directions.

Gong Cha on Bold Street and Chatime are also very local to campus and worth a visit!