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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for RAs

By hannahk 18 Aug 2022

As part of your RA training there will be a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout the year. 

The programme is made up of a mix of mandatory sessions as well as optional training sessions. CPD offers you the opportunity to build on ideas introduced at the Conference in more depth, react to issues and trends RA teams are reporting in-year, as well as provide the chance to develop new skills applicable to the RA role and wider.

If you have any suggestions for training you would like to see as part of the CPD programme this year, please speak to your Warden or the Halls Life team.

Keep an eye on your emails over the year and this page for details on upcoming CPD sessions. 


You will be expected to attend any mandatory training sessions taking place throughout the year. Where you are aware that you will be unable to attend a mandatory training session you must first discuss this with your Warden and then contact the Halls Life team ( as soon as possible to notify them of this and request an exemption from attending.

Exemptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and are normally limited to instances where an RA has academic commitments they cannot be released from. Where an exemption is granted, you will be expected to catch up on the missed session at a later date; either by attending a follow up session if appropriate or alternatively, viewing a recording made of the session within the advised timescale.