Q&A with Liverpool Student Homes

Posted 3 months ago

We're to get you ready for the search for housing

If you'll be moving on from halls and out into the community for next year of uni, Liverpool Student Homes are here to get you ready for the search for housing and the big move!

We asked Liverpool Student Homes (the university's support service for private accommodation) a few important questions to get you thinking about next year's housing.

Do you have any property viewing tips?

Be prepared with a check list and some questions for the accommodation provider is always a good starting point.  You can also speak to the current tenants of the property after your viewing, as they can share their experiences of the property.  Remember to have a look at the area the property is located in, viewing during the day and evening will give you a good insight into the location.  It is also a good idea to view with the rest of your group if possible, so that everyone is happy before considering signing a tenancy.  Take some notes of things you may not be happy with, you can raise these with the provider if you choose to go ahead. Check out the LSH fact sheet with more detail - click here!

Where is the best area to live in Liverpool? 

This comes down to personal choice really, everybody has a different perspective on what is best for them.  There is a lot of choice in areas across Liverpool both close to the city centre and slightly further afield.  Use your time before choosing a property to explore the areas you are interested in. Check out the handy Liverpool area guide on the LSH website here!

I’ll be moving out of halls and into a local, residential area. Do you have any advice?

LSH have produced some really useful info sheets capturing moving in tips and the transition from living in halls to a residential area.  Check out the links below and have a look at our off campus video and the LSH Community Guide for a snapshot overview:

I’m still looking for accommodation for September, where should I look to find the best places to live? How can I find housemates?

There are lots of opportunities to find housemates to live in right up to the start of the academic year.  Your Halls Life team has hosted a couple of events to support you finding housemates alongside sharing messages about the LSH Find a House Mate events.  The LSH Message Board is also a great way to look for house mates, here you can either start with your own post or respond to someone else’s who are looking. You can view the message board from the front page of the LSH website or by clicking the link above.  Post are checked before release and only properties accredited with LSH are shared on the platform.

How do I work out bills in a privately rented property?

Fuel bills in student accommodation will generally be offered as fully inclusive within the rent – you pay one charge for both your rent and bills included. Alternatively, there may be some bills included up to what is know as a ‘Cap’.  A cap will put a limit on how much of your rental payment will cover the bills, so it is really useful to understand what the cap is to avoid any unexpected bills at the end of the tenancy.  The other alternative is to have a rental payment with no bills – you and your fellow house mates will be responsible for paying the bills. This can work by setting up a separate bills bank account where each tenants pays a set amount in to cover the bills.  

Is there any support for anyone moving out of uni halls and into private housing?

You are fortunate to have a wealth of support to help with the transition from halls to houses, these include your Halls Life team, LSH and the designated Off Campus Co-ordinator are all here to answer any questions or issues you may have.  The LSH website is always your first port of call for everything private housing related, you can always come along to the LSH office and have a chat with a member of the team.  We are located at 5 Oxford Street – further down the road from the Sports Centre.  Our website is www.liverpoolstudenthomes.org

The next Halls Life Housemate Mixer will take place in April - details coming soon!