How to find your perfect home for next year

Posted 8 months ago

Feeling ready to start your housing search?

Here's 5 ways to help you get started on finding the perfect place for you! 

  1. To stay in Halls or to not?  While there are so many private housing options available in Liverpool, there is always the option to live in University Halls. We offer Returning Undergraduate accommodation which means that you can live in Halls in your 2nd/3rd/4th year! If University Halls is the best option for you, submit your application as soon as possible via Liverpool Life and you'll be offered either a room in University Halls or with a preferred private provider who offer great accommodation close to the city centre campus. 
  2. What works for you? If you're looking to go private next year, consider whether the ideal home will be in the city centre or a residential area? Will it be a bedroom in a shared property, a flat or studio? Do you want to walk to University or take public transport? Liverpool Student Homes have a helpful Liverpool Area Guide to help you get to know the best places for students. 
  3. Affordability! Working out a rough guide to your finances will be helpful when considering what is affordable for you. Be sure on what you're signing up to and consider roughly how much your rent, bills and leisurely activities might cost. This will help you narrow down your search and know what kind of properties are on the upper and lower end of your budget. Remember, the University have a Money Advice and Guidance team who can offer support and advice as well as tips on managing the cost of living. Please click here for more info on bills and budgeting.
  4. Consider the contract! It can be a little daunting when signing up to a new contract so be sure to know what you're signing up for beforehand. If you're unsure or need something clarifying then do chat with the landlord, housing agency or Liverpool Student Homes. LSH also offer a contract checking service so if you're unsure on any of the Terms and Conditions, the team will help you! 
  5. View the property!  While University life can be busy, always make time to go and see the property. Never sign up to something you have not seen yourself. Signing up to a new contract is a commitment and it's important to be happy and confident with what you're signing up to so you can have the best possible experience in your new home! Liverpool Student Homes offer lots of property viewing tips e.g. do the appliances work? what are the transport links like? Is there enough storage for everyone?

Never sign up to a new contract if you're feeling unsure or rushed. There may be lots to consider when finding the right place but rest assured that there is lots of support from the University and Liverpool Student Homes to help find the right place for you! Check out Liverpool Student Homes' website for even more tips, advice and guidance on everything from guarantors to home safety and finding housemates.