Moving on from Halls: Bills & Budgeting

Posted 3 months ago

You'll now need to consider your household bills!

If you’ve lived in Halls and are now preparing to move into a house, you'll now need to consider your household bills! Here's a few tips to help you feel ready to take this on...

Price caps, energy costs and fuel bills all might sound a little daunting! This is probably because having lived in halls, it's not something that you might have given much thought to before. Don't worry, there are ways you can get yourself ready and prepared for taking on these kinds of bills.

During the summer...

Over the summer, take a look at your contract and find out how you will be charged for your energy use or whether it's included in your rent. Unsure? Don't be afraid to reach out to your accommodation provider to ask your questions. The sooner you ask, the better.

Remember, even if your bills are included in your rent, there will usually be some sort of cap or limit in your tenancy agreement. This means that if your house go above the limit, you may be charged for the usage. If this is unclear, again reach out! 

Once you move into your new home...

  • Take a meter reading so that you do not get charged for the energy used in the house before your contract start date, then submit the reading to your accommodation provider or energy supplier
  • If you have a smart meter, take photos of your usage on the day you move in (your photo will be date and time stamped)
  • Set a reminder in your phone to take regular meter readings to evidence your usage throughout the year

Concerned about the cost of your energy?

Contact your accommodation provider and discuss what you should expect your bills to be approximately for your house. 

Liverpool Student Homes have a full Q&A on Fuel Bills, what to expect, likely costs and how to deal with any issues you might experience - click here to find out more!

Reducing your energy use tips

Reducing your energy use is not only beneficial for the environment, but also helps you to control your energy bills. Try the following to help you reduce your energy:


SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability charity) also have some handy, practical tips for saving energy usage in the home. If you need further advice on this topic, contact the team at Liverpool Student Homes.

Remember, the University has a dedicated Student Support team for anyone who may need it, including a Money Advice and Guidance team.