Ways to make your new bedroom homely ✨

Posted 3 days ago

It's time to put your interior design skills to the test

Decorating your new bedroom is up there with one of the most exciting parts of moving away to uni...

Your new room awaits! From what bedding you're going to have to arranging your new desk, it's exciting to plan your new space.

Photos! 📷

Give your room some character with photos of your favourite things! Friends, family, holidays, happy memories your pet dog...whatever it is that'll bring that bit of home to your new room. 

You'll find a pin board near to your desk in your bedroom so all you need to do is grab some pins and put up your fave pics. Blue tack can be used to put pictures on your wall but items that damage paintwork such as wall hooks and cellotape are not permitted.

Top tip: If you're struggling to find the right pictures, postcards make for really nice photos too, either from a place you've visited or from your new home in Liverpool! Also print out pictures throughout the year so you can update your photos and keep memories close. At the end of the year you'll have physical copies 💌

a desk with a book shelf

Fairy Lights ⚡

Fairy lights can work wonders in making your room feel cosy. 

Remember, only battery-operated fairy lights are permitted in Halls. This means that plug in, electrical fairy lights and LED strip lights are not permitted in halls for health & safety reasons. 

Top tip: Pop your fairy lights along your desk or on a shelf to add a homey feel to your room. When your batteries run out, you can throw them in the recycle bin in your Hall's reception.

Think pillows, throws, bedding!

Nice bedding doesn't have to be with a high price tag. Go for bedding options that are colourful, bright and that add a warm feel to the room. If you want your bedding to last, opt for colours that are easier to wash (for example avoid white)! A cosy, fleecy throw on the bottom of your bed and extra pillows will give that cosy feel to your room.

Top tip: Keep your bedding fresh and clean by washing it at least once every two weeks.

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Add a bit of green! 💐

Having plants in your space is thought to boost productivity, relieve stress and improve sleep. So why not add a plant or two to your new room?

Top Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for Herb Pot Planting sessions with the Give it a Go team at the Guild. Have all the supplies provided and get tips from the team on how to become the best plant parent!

Get your space organised 📦

Those first few weeks of uni will be jam-packed with settling into university life meaning that tidying your bedroom might end up at the back of your to-do list so getting storage boxes and organisers early on will save you lots of time and effort (and will also keep your room looking its best).

Think cute desk organisers, storage boxes and baskets!

Top tip: Avoid wasting money on something you might not need. We recommend waiting until you arrive to Halls to decide what you might in terms of any extra storage. 

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

A few final touches ✨

1.  A reed diffuser 

Give your room a calming scent with a reed diffuser. They are long-lasting and you don't need to do anything with it! Remember, candles, plug in diffusers and dehumidifiers are not permitted in Halls but this doesn't mean you can't pick an aroma of your choice with a reed diffuser.

Top Tip: Smells such as lavender, jasmine and sandalwood have calming effects and can help with sleep!

2. A small desk mirror

Your room will be fitted with a long mirror but adding a small desk mirror can help with help making your room feel a little bigger and again, homely.

3. Lamp

Your room will be fitted with lights. You'll have a strip of lights above the desk to help with studying but you may choose to buy an additional lamp in your room to add an extra cosy feel.

Remember to never cover your lamp with anything and always ensure it's turned off when you're not in your room.

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