Items not permitted in Halls

Posted 4 years ago

There are some rules regarding what you can and can't have

As part of your Accommodation License when you move in to halls, there are some rules you agree to regarding what you can and can’t have in your flat. These are all listed in your license document, but you can also see a reminder below.

Items not permitted in halls

  • candles, incense sticks or do anything else which may constitute a fire hazard or require a naked flame
  • plug in diffusers, dehumidifiers, LED strip lights 
  • electric heaters, paraffin heaters or gas heaters 
  • chip pans, rice cookers and deep fat fryers - do not use any method of cooking which involves “deep-fat” frying and do not leave any gas or electric cooking rings switched on and unattended;
  • halogen bulbs or decorative mains-powered fairy lights (battery-operated are allowed)
  • additional furniture (including items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, rice cookers and portable cookers). Kettles and toasters are permitted, but must only be used in designated kitchens and subject to the University's Health & Safety Policy. If you need to keep medication refrigerated you are able to have one provided free of charge. You are not able to provide your own. Please contact the Accommodation Office or your Hall Manager via email to request one, contact details are here.
  • items that damage paintwork such as wall hooks, cellotape

In addition to the above, students are asked not to:

  • interfere with electrical wiring, sockets or equipment 
  • overload any electrical circuits by the use of too many electrical appliances, or the use of old block-style plug electrical adaptors 
  • put anything harmful or which is likely to cause blockage in any pipes or drains
  • throw or drop anything whatsoever from windows or balconies of the Residence or any other part of the Property
  • remove from, affix to, change, damage or attempt to repair the structure or decorative finish of any part of the Residence or the Contents
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the accommodation. There are designated smoking areas outside the halls.

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