Safely using your Air Fryer

Posted 3 months ago

Brought your air fryer to halls?

While you try out all your favourite recipes on your air fryer, it's important to make sure that you know how to keep it clean and safe. 

There are a few super simple, quick ways you can look after your air fryer. 

Keep an eye on it!

Air fryers can get hot quickly so if you need to pop back to your room while you're cooking your dinner, just ask a flatmate to keep an eye out in kitchen! Avoid leaving it unattended.

Clean it regularly

Ideally cleaning it after every use will make sure it's safe and ready to use the next time. It will only take a couple of minutes and a bit of warm water and soap to do the trick.

Wipe away the grease

Over time your air fryer can get greasy, especially on the coils above the basket. Once your air fryer is cool (usually around 30 minutes after use), give the coils a good clean too.

Unplug after use

To avoid leaving your air fryer on by accident, make sure you unplug it after you've used it. Try to give it its own outlet too.

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