Support available to you

Posted 4 months ago

University can be fun and exciting but is also challenging

It's totally normal to feel out of your depth and overwhelmed with all the big changes to your life that moving away from home can bring. In moments where you feel you need a helping hand, don't forget to reach out..

He are the ways you can you can access support during your time in Halls...

Halls Teams

Your Hall reception team are on hand to help with anything you might need a hand with. Receptions are also open 24/7 so there will always be someone to help you out no matter the time of day. 

Reach out to your Residential Adviser

If you are experiencing any issues or want to chat with your RA, don't be afraid to reach out. RAs are there to look after you while in Halls and can help with challenges you might be facing at uni. Remember, there's also an out of hours dedicated phone number that you can call at any time. Contact details of your RA, Warden and the duty RA phone can be found in your handbook, on posters in your kitchens or at reception.  

University Support Services

Student Services are in place to support you while you're studying with us. The University has its own Mental Health Advisory Service which is in place to support students with Mental Health Difficulties. As well as this, the Wellbeing Advice and Guidance team offer confidential, non-judgmental one-to-one support, information, advice and guidance to students. You can book an appointment with Student Services here. 

The University also has a useful self-help library with tips, guides and tools to improving your mental health. Offering support on anything from anxiety and loneliness to homesickness, you can check out the self-help guides here.

Report and Support

Report and Support is the University's reporting tool. You can use the system to report bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, hate crime, assault or discrimination. You can do it both anonymously or by leaving your details. It's a quick & easy way to tell the University that something has happened and helps us create a safe and inclusive environment for all. Access Report & Support here.

Campus Support

Campus Support are the University's team dedicated to making campus a safe environment for all. Campus Support offer a 24/7 chaperone service so if you are working late or feel vulnerable, you can call the team on 0151 794 3252.

Other Support 

Health Assured is a 24/7 free, confidential helpline that you can call on 0800 028 3766 if you need to talk to someone about issues you may be experiencing during your time at university. You can download the My Healthy Advantage app for support, videos and advice. You can enter the code ‘Wellbeing’ and the password is MHA187679.

Student Minds also has lots of helpful tips and resources aimed at students who are experiencing challenges that university life can bring whether it be academic stress, loneliness, money-related issues and more. Student Minds also offers helpful tips and advice on looking after friends who may need support. 

Ways to get involved

Taking a break from your studies, trying something new and sometimes mixing with new people can have a positive effect on our mental health. If you're looking for new ways to get involved in your Hall's community, meet new friends and try something new, head to our Getting Involved page.