Advice by Abi: Creating your new home!

Posted 11 months ago

How to make a home from home while living at Halls...

Greenbank resident, Abi, shares her advice on how to make a home from home while living at Halls...

Making your room feel special and unique is a great way to help you through university life. After a long day of lectures and studying having a place to relax in can help boost your mood and provide stability during stressful days or exam season. I have found that since my room is the first place I wake up to in the morning as well as the last place I see at night, having it as my own special sanctuary has helped alleviate homesickness and increased my productivity during the day.

Here are some things to consider including in your room to make it a super sanctuary!

1: Photos

Printed photos are popular amongst halls, having these memories of friends or family can help you feel less alone and make your once plain, generic room feel like it is your own. Personally, I include photos of my favourite holiday with colours and things that I enjoyed. Even on miserable winter days looking of these photos has made me feel better.

2: Comfy Bedding

During those dreaded 9am lectures, the thing that will often get you through is the thought of going back to your room and napping in bed. Having a large comfy duvet, pillows and an ensemble of cosy blankets will lead to a great night’s sleep. I would recommend getting 2 duvet and pillow cover sets so you won’t forget and panic because you left them in the wash.

a cake with lit candles

3: Lighting

One key aspect of creating your sanctuary is lighting. A popular choice among students is fairy lights (battery operated to comply with hall’s rules) because they create a cosy atmosphere and tend to be less harsh than the main light which can help make it easier to fall asleep (remember, electric fairy lights are not not permitted in Halls!). A bedside light is also useful for this too. I brought my salt lamp from home which helps me feel relaxed.

4: Home Comforts

To make your university room feel like home, bring home to your university room! If something isn’t allowed in halls, there may be alternatives for example, candles aren’t allowed in halls for fire safety however, if you still want your room to smell nice then try using room diffusers instead. These diffusers don’t emit any flame and also make nice presents from friends and family during your time at university.

Find out more about what items are not permitted in Halls here.

Another way to make your room feel fresher is to include plants. Even if they are fake, plants can help brighten up your room especially placing one or two on your desk which is associated with boosting positivity and productivity when working.

Including these ideas can help improve your room so you can have the best space possible to enjoy university life!