Food waste recycling in Halls

Posted 9 months ago

4.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away by UK households

Rather than see this food go to waste, we're helping you to recycle your food to create energy...

Food waste bins in Halls

Our non-recyclable waste is sent for incineration to create energy. Historically, this would have included food waste. Food waste is composed of about 70% water, which means it requires considerably more energy to burn it, making it a less efficient method of disposal than recycling.

The good news is, you can now recycle your food waste within your kitchen spaces!

Your food waste will now be recycled, using a process called anaerobic digestion. The process uses microorganisms to break down the food waste in the absence of oxygen.  As it breaks down it gives off methane, which is collected and converted into biogas and used to generate electricity. It also creates a nutrient-rich digestate that is used as a fertiliser for agriculture and in land regeneration.

Here's what you can and cannot put in your kitchen's food waste caddy...

What can go in the bin?

  • cooked and uncooked meat
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • fruit and veg peelings
  • bread, pasta and rice
  • leftover scraps
  • small bones (e.g. chicken)

What can't go in the bin?

  • glass
  • plastics
  • polystyrene
  • tin foil
  • laminated paper
  • string
  • metal 

Also new to Halls... Battery recycling

Batteries are responsible for around 700 fires every year in bin waggons and at waste-processing centres. Putting batteries in the general waste or recycling bins not only contaminates the waste, but also causes a significant fire risk. Batteries are likely to be crushed, smashed or get wet when being placed within your normal waste, which can cause them to short-circuit, and ignite. We now have battery recycling bins in place at the reception areas of the following accommodation buildings, so please make sure you dispose of your portable batteries in them…

  • Crown Place 
  • Dover Court 
  • Philharmonic Court 
  • Vine Court 
  • Greenbank Student Village (Derby building)