Safe cooking in Halls

Posted 2 months ago

We each have responsibility to make sure everything is safe

When sharing a kitchen with other students, we each have a responsibility to make sure everything is as safe as possible.

For lots of residents, it's likely to be your first time living away from home which might mean you're spending more time in the kitchen cooking for yourself. Not only is it important to try out all those new cooking skills but also to make good kitchen safety habits that you can take on to wherever you live next.

From making sure that you keep the kitchen clean to closing your fire doors.  All of these simple steps are super important to keep everyone safe. 

Here's how to stay SAFE...

  • Stay nearby to your food while it's cooking - never leave it unattended, even if it's just for a minute
  • Air! Make sure the kitchen is ventilated well by opening the windows before you start cooking. Allow the fresh air in and let any smoke out
  • Fire doors must be kept closed at all times. This means that you should keep your kitchen door closed while cooking - it's there to keep you safe
  • Ensure that you do your bit after you've finished cooking! Wipe away any spillages, grease or residue after your meal - grease can be flammable

Remember, tampering with self-closing devices and fire equipment will risk the safety of yourself and your flatmates. Interfering with fire safety equipment and devices also breaches the University's Health and Safety Policy.

If you do notice a fault or any damage to any fire equipment, please report this to your Hall as soon as possible. 


Don't forget to share these tips with a flatmate!

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