Representing your University

Posted 3 years ago

How to be a responsible citizen

As a University of Liverpool student you are representing the University at all times, whether on campus attending a lecture, at work, or in your accommodation. In privately-rented accommodation, as in halls, you are expected to be a responsible citizen, to demonstrate pride in our City, and to be a considerate neighbour.

Living in Liverpool and its surrounding areas means that you join a wider community of working people, families, shopkeepers, and service providers such as Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Police, the fire service and the NHS. You will be reliant on many of the services and facilities within your community and must use them with respect. In University Halls of Residence you are expected to follow our Good Neighbour Policy and off-campus these principles still apply.

Some examples of expected behaviour include:

  • Disposing of all rubbish and household waste in the proper manner; no littering.
  • Respecting the property of others, including fences, walls, street furniture and cars
  • When returning home being aware that noise travels and may disturbing others – try not to let doors slam or talk loudly when going out
  • Playing music at a reasonable volume and being particularly mindful of noise levels in the evening
  • Following the government guidelines on social gatherings and socialising only with your household when these rules are in force. You can keep up-to-date with guidelines here.

 How we deal with complaints

There can be serious consequences for students who act in a manner which is disrespectful to members of the community. Neighbours or other members of the community (local residents associations, local councillors or MPs, business-owners) may report unacceptable behaviour to Liverpool City Council (Environmental Health, Noise Abatement or Housing teams as appropriate); antisocial or criminal activity will be reported to Merseyside Police. These reports are shared with the University and we will investigate each situation, where appropriate, in line with the Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline. This could affect the progression of students involved and has particular implications for Fitness to Practice for those on clinical programmes. The University may also receive complaints directly from members of the public which it will respond to.

Click here to see where you can get help if you have any issues in the community.