Managing your drinking habits

Posted 3 months ago

A new city can mean a extra trips to the pub, club or bar

Living in a new city with lots of nightlife can mean a few extra trips to the pub, club or bar than expected (or even planned)...

Lots of people who move away to university are finding their feet with new experiences and challenges. Whether it's getting used to living in a new area, adjusting to your course, meeting new people or even keeping on top of how much alcohol we drink. 

There's no doubt that nights out will play a part in many students' university experiences. What's important is knowing your limits and making sure you keep safe and healthy whilst enjoying nightlife. Click here for our top tips on keeping safe on a night out.

Excessive drinking can eventually take its toll on our health and social wellbeing. Whether its yourself or a friend that you're thinking might benefit from a few less drinks, recognising this is huge first step. The University are here to help you with the rest...

Weekly sessions with Liverpool Community Alcohol Service

It might be yourself that you're thinking could benefit from having a few less drinks or it might be a friend. If you're concerned about your alcohol consumption, Liverpool Community Alcohol Service offer weekly sessions to help you work through any issues you're experiencing through drinking. 

If you're looking to make healthier habits with alcohol or whether you're looking for advice about a friend, give a session a go! These are free, confidential and could make a real positive impact on your health. No need to book on either, just turn up on the day.

Click here to find out more about the sessions.

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More places for support...

Drink Aware is a UK charity that aims to help people make better choices about their drinking habits. They have a super handy app for keeping track of your alcohol consumption, an online unit calculator and they even post really helpful tips on their Instagram (below). If you're wanting read up more about alcohol consumption, you can check out their website here.