5 ways to build your CV while living in Halls

Posted 1 year ago

Living in Halls is not just about having a place to sleep

Instead you can use the many opportunities available to you to develop your skill set, build your CV and prepare yourself for future opportunities! 

1. Join your HSC

By joining your Halls Student Committee, you can develop a whole range of skills such as budgeting, communication skills from chairing a meeting and writing minutes, marketing your events using your own posters, organising events, problem solving and team work. Interested in joining your HSC? Email hsc@liverpool.ac.uk for more information.

2. Work for us! 

We’re proud to have our very own residents working for us in Halls. For example, our Open Day ambassadors showcase our Halls and their rooms to prospective students! 

Also keep your eyes peeled for the Flat Sustainability Champion role – an opportunity for Halls students who are passionate on acting against the climate crisis. 

3. Volunteer 

Volunteering is a great way to show commitment and time management skills. The Guild have a range of volunteering opportunities in the city. Joining a society can also demonstrate these essential skills. Find out more about the Guild’s societies that you can join here.

4. Give It A Go

Taking part in the Guild’s Give It A Go programme gives you the chance to get stuck into new activities e.g. trips, skill sessions, tours and much more. Demonstrating to a future employer that you are willing to try new things and meet new people can be really valuable and shows off your interpersonal skills.

5. Become a Residential Adviser next year 

Each year the Accommodation Team recruit Residential Adviser who live in Halls and oversee the pastoral care of students while enhancing their Halls experience with events and activities. The RA role is open to mature and postgraduate students. Recruitment will take place in second semester.

There you have it…there is so much more to living in Halls than having a place to eat and sleep! Do take advantage of the many social and work opportunities there are. All of the skills that you can gain while living in Halls are transferrable to your not only your professional life but also your personal!

All work and voluntary opportunities will be advertised in the weekly ‘what’s on’ email and on our social media platforms Instagram and Facebook – stay tuned for opportunities in the year!

Did you know? 

The Careers Hub at the University offer a range of services to kick start your job search. Check out the Careers Hub website for job advice to CV top tips. You can also drop into the Hub (Alsop building) to speak to a member of the team.