Shopping in Liverpool

Posted 1 day ago

Realise you have forgotten something? Don’t panic!

If you get to Liverpool and realise you have forgotten something, don’t panic! Liverpool is well known for its shopping and you’ll have everything you need here.

Useful shops when you first arrive

You’ve checked in, explored your new home for the summer and unpacked... it’s time to stock up your cupboards! There are lots of supermarkets and local shops around campus and in the city centre. Here are some suggestions of local shops to get you started:

Small, convenient supermarkets selling fresh food on campus

Larger supermarkets near to campus

  • Aldi (15-minute walk from campus) 
  • Lidl (15-minute walk from campus) 
  • Tesco superstore (15-minute walk from campus) or Tesco superstore in the city centre (20 to 25-minute walk from campus) 

The smaller convenient shops can be more expensive but are useful for your first few days of arriving and for stocking up on essentials. Supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl are the cheaper options and more budget friendly. 

You can also order an online food shop directly to your Hall from ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s which are all well-known supermarkets in UK. It’s important that you put the correct delivery address on your order. See your Hall’s handbook for the correct delivery address.

Shops where you can buy homeware, toiletries, stationary 

The city centre and Liverpool One is home to a range of high-end shops to more budget friendly shops. Home Bargains and B&M are cheaper options for buying homeware, toiletries and stationary whereas John Lewis is a larger, department store which stocks more household items but can be more expensive in cost. You will find lots of shops selling homeware and toiletries in Liverpool One and the city centre but here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Home Bargains (20-25-minute walk from campus) which is next door to this Tesco superstore

Post Office

General shopping in Liverpool 

Now that you’re settling into the city, it’s time to explore what Liverpool’s shopping scene has to offer. 

  • Liverpool One is the main shopping experience with over 170 retail shops 
  • Albert Dock has lots of shops which are more suited for buying souvenirs and gifts 
  • Red Brick Market is perfect for anyone who likes to shop vintage
  • Bold Street has lots of local, independent and vintage shops on offer 
  • Lark Lane is home to some of Liverpool’s independent shops, bars and restaurants

Happy shopping!