Easy to make Upma by Dover HSC

Posted 1 year ago

Upma, a popular, filling and healthy Indian breakfast

It is a popular dish for students in India and ideal for anyone living in Halls.

The recipe only needs basic vegetables and ingredients and though popularly consumed as a breakfast item, you can cook and enjoy it at any time of the day. We hope you will enjoy the video and try the recipe with your friends - Dover HSC! 

The ingredients can be found in shops local to your Hall. Click here for directions to Matta's.

The recipe is for one person but the ingredients can be doubled if you want to make it for you and a friend.


  • Half a cup of Semolina/ Roasted Rava (easily available in Matta’s or Freshmart store)
  • Half an onions
  • Half a pack of potatoes
  • Two green chilies
  • A pinch of mustard seeds – optional (easily available in Matta’s or Freshmart store)
  • Cooking Oil (preferably Olive or sunflower oil)
  • Turmeric powder
  • Two cups of water


  • Wash the vegetables before cooking. Cut the onions and potatoes into small pieces so that it takes less time to get cooked. 
  • Take a saucepan and heat it and then pour cooking oil. Once ready, put the mustard seeds, onion, and green chilies and sauté well. Wait till the onions turn golden brown. Add some turmeric powder and mix well
  • Add the potatoes and sauté well and then pour water. Then add the semolina and salt and mix it well so that there are no lumps. Water should be just enough to cover the vegetables and semolina in the saucepan.
  • Cover the saucepan, lower the flame, and let it cook. Stir it occasionally so that the food does not stick to the pan.
  • Once potatoes get cooked, switch off the gas, mix once and enjoy the delicious Upma.

Easy to make upma

Top tips for safe preparation and cooking of food. Remember to: 

  • Sanitise your hands and kitchen before starting
  • Check expiry dates and for allergens before cooking this recipe
  • Wash your vegetables thoroughly in water before use
  • Never leave your cooking food unattended at any time
  • Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid any slips, trips or falls