Photography Consent at Halls Events

Posted 1 year ago

The info below applies to photograph/filming/audio recording


The Halls Life team put on several competitions a year, e.g. at Halloween, that involve photo submissions. This usually requires you to send a photo directly to or alternatively tag us on social media @LivUniHalls to be in with a chance of winning a prize. When taking photos for our competitions it is important that everyone included in the photo is happy for the photo to be taken for this purpose and for it to be submitted to us. If anyone included in the photo does not wish for it to be entered into the competition, please do not submit it to the Halls Life Team. 

We will ensure this requirement is clear in our advertisement for the competition, which will normally be sent to all residents via email. When we receive an entry, we do so on the understanding that the person submitting the photo will also however have confirmed the above with their flatmates beforehand. Photos that are submitted may be stored and used according to University Guidelines (see PDF consent form below for further details).


At Halls events e.g. Welcome BBQ, you may find us capturing the moment by taking a photo or video. Before taking a photo or video, we will ask for your consent verbally and we will also ask you to complete a consent form (see below). This is done to make sure that everyone is happy with their photo being taken and that you understand how it may be used. 

At larger-scale events where an official photographer is brought in to capture the event, and in-line with University guidelines, rather than asking everyone present to complete an individual consent form on the night we will instead notify attendees and provide details of this photography beforehand, as well as at the event itself, so that anybody wishing to opt out of the photography can do so. The information provided will explain how to opt out of having your photo taken and or/stored and used by us.

If at any time anybody included in a photo submitted to us decides they no longer wish for us to store and use this photo, their consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting us at

Please note we will not ask for a consent form for photos/videos where a person's face is not recognisable and not identifiable´╗┐.´╗┐

If you have any questions, please also get in touch via

Please see the PDF for a copy of the consent form and details on how/where your photo may be used.´╗┐

E FORM Photography film audio Consent Form 220622 (002).pdf (174 KB)