5 wellbeing podcasts to give a try

Posted 1 year ago

Whether podcasts are your thing or you’re a total newbie...

... Here’s 5 free podcasts for you to give a try...

There’s no better way to unwind than to stick on your favourite podcast. Whether you’re walking to uni, cooking dinner, at the gym or tackling your next essay in the library, listening to a podcast can really help lift your mood. 

Here are some wellbeing-themed podcast recommendations if you're looking to take some time out of your busy day. All you need to do is click the header for each podcast and it'll take you straight there!

Talk Twenties

This podcast is not always specifically for twenty-somethings but for young people in general trying to navigate the challenges of adult life. From money worries, relationships and wellbeing, this podcast covers just about everything in 30-minute episodes. Not only that, it’s Liverpool based podcast too!

Changing MENtality

This podcast focuses on Men’s mental health and aims to raise awareness of issues that male students might face and where to find help, with particular references to university life. The podcast is hosted by a group of students and has been created in association with Student Minds. 

Radio Headspace

These short snappy podcasts are designed to help you take a few moments out of your busy schedule. Covering topics such as feeling left out to dealing with change and resilience, it's definitely worth a try.


Headspace itself offers relaxing music, particularly for helping you to get to sleep or for anyone wanting to give meditation a go.  

And Breathe

This podcast helps you to understand the power of your breath and how it can help us through challenging times. The breathing tips are simple, relaxing and ready to use when you need it.

If you're new to using breathing as a way to relax, Student Space have a helpful 7-11 trick for you to try...

7-11 breathing exercises