Tips to prevent tailgating

Posted 8 months ago

Tips to keep your accommodation as safe as possible

Whether you live in Halls or in a privately rented property, there are always steps you can take to keep your accommodation as safe as possible...

So, what is tailgating? This is when a non-resident manages to access the building by following someone who lives there. For example say you swipe you key card, the person behind could take advantage of this by entering the the block or building without using a key card themselves.

Everyone in Halls has a role in keeping each other safe and there are simple steps you can take to make sure of this. Here’s 3 things you can do to prevent tailgating….

1. Don’t hold the door open for other people

Although it seems polite and like a nice thing to do, not holding the door open is a good way to make sure that only people who should have access to the building get in! Unless it’s a friend, flatmate or a neighbour you recognise, let the person behind you swipe for access themselves.

2. Don’t doubt your own gut instincts

If you notice someone enter the building and something feels suspicious or unusual then don’t just assume that they are a friend of someone’s, a delivery driver, maintenance person etc. Of course, it’s not going to be possible to always recognise or know everyone who lives in your building but staying vigilant of anything unusual or that might seem out of place will make a difference.

If you’re ever unsure, speak to a member of reception who are on hand to help 24/7 or contact Campus Support! (Emergency line: 0151 794 2222 and non emergency line: 0151 792 3252).

3. Spotted a door fault that needs fixing? 

Report as soon as you can! If, for example, your key card reader breaks or if you notice as issue with a door or gate – let your Hall reception team know as soon as possible. The sooner that it is reported, the sooner it will be fixed.

These habits are super handy to bear in mind not just when you're living in halls but if you ever move out into another type of accommodation. Along with this, getting into the habit of keeping valuables out of sight, making sure windows and doors are locked will help make your time in student accommodation is as safe as possible.

Find out more about safety on campus here.