Requesting to move rooms

Posted 3 years ago

You can request a Room Move by following the below procedure

It is very common for students to initially think they want to move rooms, but after a few weeks or even days they settle in to life in their new home. If, however, you still wish to move rooms after giving it some thought, then you can request a Room Move by following the below procedure. 

You can´╗┐ request to change your room on the Liverpool Life portal under the requests section.

  • Log into Liverpool Life with your Student ID and PIN
  • Click on the 'Accommodation' section
  • Select the Academic Year and click on 'Requests'
  • Click the button to 'Place a room move'. Put the details of the room / hall you would like to move to and this will then be sent to the Accommodation Team.

Halls will be full at the start of the year and we can only move you into your chosen room type if one is available. This may mean you must wait until someone else moves or leave halls. As such, we cannot give a definitive time or guarantee we can move you.

Please be patient and the Accommodation Team will keep you updated.