5 ways to boost your CV this summer

Posted 4 weeks ago

Summer is the perfect time to give your CV some TLC

If you're actively applying for jobs or if you're wanting to get your CV ready to go for when that perfect job pops up, here's 5 ways you can get your CV up to scratch after a year of living away at university.

1. List all your achievements for the year

While everything is fresh in your memory, it's a good time to look back at the year and all the incredible things you've achieved. Try thinking back to any presentations you've completed, group work, research you've carried out for those transferrable skills which look great on your CV.

Also don't underestimate the skills you'll have picked up outside the lecture theatre. Think about what you've learnt from moving away from home for the first time, moving to a new city, trying new experiences, meeting new people at events. All of these personal experiences can really make your CV stand out as they demonstrate all your inter-personal skills.

2. Volunteer

It's not too late to find a volunteering opportunity for the summer. If you can spare a few hours a week and are looking to give your CV the ultimate boost, a volunteering opportunity might be one for you to consider. The Guild regularly posts new opportunities for students to gain new skills and experience.

Click here to check out their latest opportunity and you might find something you like the sounds of whether it be a volunteer fundraiser, mentor or Leave Liverpool Tidy champion.

3. Research some roles

If you catch yourself having a bit of downtime this summer, it might be the perfect opportunity for you to take a look at what's out there. Whether it's part time roles, graduate schemes or full time jobs, it can be really helpful to take a look at what's on offer. 

Getting to know what kinds of jobs are popping up means you can get a head start at knowing what skills, experience and knowledge would be needed. This can help you plan next steps for any part time jobs at university, summer roles, volunteering you might need to become a top candidate for your dream role in the future.

Top Tip: Always take a look at the 'required criteria' and 'desirable criteria' on job descriptions to help you get a feel on what employers are really looking for!

4. Visit the Careers Studio

There's a whole team of Careers Coaches waiting to help you build your CV, plan for your interview and talk to you about exciting opportunities out there. Why not pop along for a chat over the summer and see where it could take you? The Careers Studio will be open Monday - Friday 11am-3pm until Friday 28 June.

5. Learn something new 

Over the summer, there's no doubt that there'll be a some quiet time to put aside. We're all about making sure you plan lots of rest and fun things over summer but why not schedule in just a few hours for learning something new and gaining a whole new skill?

LinkedIn Learning has plenty of free, online, easy to access courses for all University of Liverpool students! The platform has a whole range of courses, modules and classes giving you the chance to dive into something totally new or brush up on any existing skills. Whether graphic design or data analysis is your thing, or whether you want to fianlly crack those excel skills...now's your time!

Access LinkedIn Learning by clicking here!