5 things you can do to prepare for your next home

Posted 3 months ago

Preparing to move into a privately rented house?

As some of you prepare to move out of Halls and into a private rented house in the community, there can be lots to think about! Here's some simple ways you can prepare for the move over the summer...

Plan ahead 

Think about how your commute will look in September. Liverpool's public transport system means you can get from to A to B quickly either by bus or even train. Find out more about public transport in your new area before you consider bringing a car. If you are thinking about bringing your car, be mindful of parking restrictions, permit requirements and being considerate of neighbours. If you can opt for an alternative such as car sharing or cycling, the University has lots of bike stores on campus!

Check out our Moving on from Halls series!

We have a whole series of articles and blogs to help you feel prepared for that move out of halls and into a privately rented house. With everything from budgeting, being a good neighbour and safety to looking after your new home and area. 

Click here to check out the Moving on from Halls series!

Make a check list

Make a check list of everything you need to take to your new home as well as everything that you need to check on arrival. Liverpool Student Homes has a helpful check list with reminders on everything from checking your meters to doing an inventory when you move in. Click here to see LSH's moving in tips & checklist.

Check out the Community Guide

The Community Guide is published by Liverpool Student Homes in collaboration with University of Liverpool Guild, JMSU and HopeSU. The helpful guide gives tips and advice on moving in, settling into your local community and keeping safe. Have a read of this year's Community Guide here.

Do your research

Summer is your time to read up about moving into the community, how to look after your new home, be a good neighbour, take care of bills and more! We have plenty of blogs and articles for you to help prepare yourself for the move out of Halls and into a residential area. Click here to read our articles.

Liverpool Student Homes offer advice and housing support and have plenty of content for you to read before the move. Be sure to give @livstudenthomesofficial a follow on Instagram for tips!

Know what support is available 

The support on offer in Halls is different from what you'll get while living out in the community e.g. you won't necessarily have reception staff or Residential Advisers to check in with. That being said, there is still plenty of support available all year long should you ever need it e.g. Guild of Students, Liverpool Student Homes, Student Services at the University, City Council etc! Find out more about what support is on offer here.

Are you looking for housemates or somewhere to live in September?

Not to worry if you're still doing your search! All you need to do is head to Liverpool Student Homes' website for info on available properties in the city. If you're looking for people to live with or an available room in a property, you can post on their official message board and chat to other students also looking for housemates. 

Find out more here about how to find housemates to live with for your next academic year!

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