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Top tips for moving in

By hannahk 18 Aug 2023

It's pretty exciting moving somewhere new but we know that there is so much to think about. Here are our top tips for what to plan and pack for your first week and beyond...

Preparing to come to Halls…

  • Complete your online induction before you arrive - this will be emailed to you directly and includes information on everything from fire safety to what to do on move in day
  • Don’t over-pack!  Make a list of the basics you’ll need and remember there are plenty of shops in Liverpool. Check out our handy what to pack list. Also familiarise yourself with what items are not permitted in Halls.
  • Don't worry if you forget something or simply haven't got enough room to carry everything. The more items you bring, the more you have to unload, store and pack up again at the end of the year. Bring the essentials and remember that you can buy anything else you need while you're here. It might even be worth seeing what items your flatmates might want to share and buy together to split the cost!

The day has arrived… you’re moving in!

On arrival, your friendly reception team and Here to Help Helpers will assist you with checking in. Don't be afraid to ask for help as there will be so many questions on those first few days of arriving. Here to Help Helpers will be on hand as well as the Halls teams. Here to Help Helpers have lived in Halls before and will have all the answers to your questions. 

  • There are supermarkets in walking distance of campus such as Tesco Liverpool One and Aldi St Johns. You will also find smaller food shops located around campus which will be very helpful in the first few days of arrival.
  • Staying in Greenbank? Your nearest supermarket is ASDA on Smithdown Road. You can also find a small Tesco within 5 minutes walk at the top of Greenbank Road.
  • There are lots of places to eat and drink on campus too - find out more here
  • Get involved and say Hello! Even if you're feeling nervous remember that lots of others students will be in the same boat. 
  • Get out and about! Once you've met your flatmates it's great to go out and explore. There's loads of places to visit, check out our Exploring Liverpool recommendations here.
  • Need to order something to Halls? Find your postal address in your handbook here.

Once you've moved in


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