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Sustainable menstrual cups in Halls

By hannahk 07 Sep 2023

On average, menstruating people use more than 11,000 related disposable sanitary products in their lifetime. Each year in the UK, this generates approximately 200,000 tonnes of sanitary waste...

As part of the Hey Girl campaign implemented at the University, free period products are available in our campus bathrooms for anyone who may need them. In support of this, Sustainability are running a pilot of Hey Girl menstrual cups, providing these free of charge to staff and students interested in trialling them. 

At the University of Liverpool, sanitary waste is collected in specialist bins and sent for incineration, where the energy is recovered. This process recovers approximately 1000Kwh of energy per month, equivalent to boiling a kettle around 10,000 times. While this is a great step, many valuable resources are used in the production and packaging of disposable sanitary products, including non-renewable plastics. A menstrual cup is a reusable alternative that reduces the consumption of resources and the generation of waste, whilst saving money each month.

Menstrual cups will be available from the below Hall reception desks while stocks last:

  • Vine Court
  • Crown Place
  • Greenbank Student Village
  • Philharmonic Court
  • Dover Court

Read more about the Hey Girls enterprise that aims to combat period poverty here