Safe kitchen checklist

Posted 2 months ago

Living away from home means testing your kitchen skills

Not only do you want to master your new cooking skills but also make sure your kitchen is safe...

Here's our safe cooking checklist! How many of these do you already do when it comes to cooking? 

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To help keep your kitchen a safe and clean place to cook, here's a reminder of simple things you can do next time you get cooking:

  1. Remember to keep fire doors closed at all times - don't be tempted to keep your kitchen door open as this is a fire door and is there to keep you safe
  2. Have you ever been in the middle of cooking but needed to pop back to your room quickly? Never leave your cooking unattended, instead ask a flatmate or friend to watch over your cooking if you need to leave the kitchen
  3. Keep all surfaces clean and clear to keep your kitchen hygienic and make sure no grease is left on surfaces (grease can be flammable)
  4. Just finished in the kitchen? Make sure everything is switched off and ready for the next person
  5. Before you start cooking, open the kitchen window to let fresh air in and to let any smoke out 

The sooner you can get into these habits, the better! These tips will not only keep you safe now but wherever go on to live after halls too.

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