23 sustainable actions for 2023

Posted 1 year ago

Every small action makes a big difference

There’s no doubt that every small action makes a big difference when talking about sustainable living. There are so many small behaviours that you can adopt to live a much greener lifestyle while at University. To help get you started, here’s 23 sustainable actions for 2023:

  1. Reduce food waste by batch cooking, freezing items rather than throwing away, make a shopping list to avoid buying stuff you won’t use - click here for tips on saving food waste in Halls
  2. Get stuck into a new sustainable activity with the Green Guild e.g. litter pick, herb pot painting - click here for sustainable events happening in Halls and on campus
  3. About to do a wash? Check if you've got a full load & if not, wait until you do in order to make the most of the energy and water used
  4. Choose sustainable palm oil wherever possible as this means it’s been produced with the lowest environmental impact possible – look out for the RSPO label
  5. Making a cuppa? Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you actually need to avoid wasted energy and water
  6. Turn off the lights when you go out or aren’t in the room
  7. Invest in some plants to make cleaner air in your room
  8. Recycle what you can and be sure to check that it’s recyclable beforehand
  9. Donate unwanted clothes e.g. you can pop your unwanted items in the British Heart Foundation Clothes Bank in Peach Street Car Park on campus or find a local charity shop here
  10. Switch to refillable water bottles and travel mugs to save on plastic use 
  11. Get involved with SOS-UK campaigns (Students Organising for Sustainability) to learn more about sustainable living and to win prizes for you and your Hall
  12. Use a lid on your pan when cooking pasta to help your food cook more quickly 
  13. Turn off taps when brushing teeth to save on water
  14. Shop second hand, either online or in charity shops
  15. Wash your clothes at lower temperatures (30 degrees)
  16. Take shorter showers – did you know it’s thought that we use 2 gallons of water for every minute of showering?
  17. Have (at least) one meat free meal a week. Meat Free Mondays have lots of delicious vegetarian recipes for those trying one meat-free day a week!
  18. Looking at accommodation options in the private sector for next year? Check out SOS-UK's house hunting checklist for things to keep an eye out on when doing a viewing 
  19. Choose fair trade
  20. Choose certified sustainable fish
  21. Volunteer! Support sustainable campaigns and spread awareness while gaining experience for your CV – find volunteering opportunities via the Guild
  22. Shop local and support independent businesses – Liverpool is home to so many amazing independent, local, sustainability conscious businesses & you can find out more here
  23.   Reduce single use plastics by swapping plastic bags for fabric tote bags, try bar soaps rather than bottled shampoo/conditioner, paper straws instead of plastic. Greenpeace have lots of helpful suggestions on reducing single plastic use