Halls to your new Home: Roundup

Posted 1 month ago

Moving from Halls to a privately rented house?

Don’t know where to start with planning, packing and settling into your new home? We’ve got you covered!

Recently Liverpool Student Homes dropped into halls to host a Housing Talk with all the essential must-know info and top tips for moving out into a private property. If you missed the Housing Talk though, don’t worry! You can catch a roundup of all the tips and advice from Liverpool Student Homes below…

Moving out of Halls – what to do with all my stuff?

The Guild’s Leave Liverpool Tidy campaign is back and are wanting your donations! Pass on your unwanted clothes, shoes, books, bags etc to a worthy cause and save lots of waste going to landfill. Find out more about what you can and cannot donate here!

Here’s our handy Moving out of Halls checklist too!

Moving into your new house – what to do first?!

You’ve got the keys to your new property and moving in day is here! What should you do first? Check the meter readings, find out your bin collection dates? There’s so much to do and think about but here’s our handy moving in checklist to help put your mind at ease and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Looking after your new home

It’ll be up to you and your housemates to know the bin collection dates and that you use the right bins for the right items. Putting your non-recyclable waste in recycling bins will mean that they won’t get emptied and you could be left with a mess to get rid of yourselves.

It's best not to assume that the bins work like they do back at home as every council is different. Here’s a simple guide to better recycling in Liverpool.

Making your experience as best as possible

Being a good neighbour is important no matter where you live, whether it be in halls or out in a residential area of the city. Being considerate of living amongst families, elderly people and other students who all have different routines to you is super important. When you pass your new neighbours, say hi! Read more on our top neighbourly tips here.

Got a problem? Get to know who to contact

We hope your experience of living in a private property will be a happy one but if there’s ever a time that you need a helping hand, it’s helpful to get to know who you will call on. There are teams out there such as Liverpool Student Homes, the Guild, Liverpool City Council, Student Support Services, Merseyside Police – find out more here.

Keeping your new home safe

Do you have an alarm? Are the windows safe? Do the doors all lock? Getting into good habits of locking doors and securing windows early on is best for keeping your new home as safe and secure as possible. Liverpool is considered a safe city to live in but there are always ways we can help prevent unwanted incidents such as burglary. Here’s 8 things you can do to keep your place safe.

Liverpool Student Homes is the University’s official housing service for students in private accommodation. The team are based on campus and offer free advice and support – click here to reach out to Liverpool Student Homes.