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Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop

By hannahk 09 Mar 2023

How do you look after your wellbeing? Especially during the more challenging times that we all experience now and again? 

Building your own resilience is one way you can help yourself cope with tricky times in life.

So, would you consider yourself as resilient? 

Being resilient is not something we either have or don't. Resilience is something we can all work on and the next Ready Set Go session is coming to Halls to help you do exactly that!

Rather than a seminar or lecture style session, the workshop will take you on a creative journey to learning how to increase personal resilience and learn techniques to increase your own self-esteem and self-awareness. Learn to recognise unhelpful behaviours and thinking habits to lead a more positive mindset when you go on to deal with university exams, interviews, meeting new people and other challenges ahead. To help you along the way there'll be arts, crafts and quizzes! 

Rest assured you'll be in a safe environment with other Halls students who have the same goals as you... to learn how to become more resilient and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The session will take place on Wednesday 29th March at 6pm in Vine Court Mezzanine. Please note that the event is ticketed. Book your space via Eventbrite below.

The workshop will be delivered by Martine Gibson who is a Therapeutic Coach and owner of 'Readysetgo Success and Wellbeing'. Light refreshments provided.

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