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RA CPD session: Active Listening - 23 November

By hannahk 24 Aug 2022

The second RA CPD session of the year is Active Listening delivered by Lynn Learman on Wednesday 23rd November, 6pm-8pm. Please note that this session is for Residential Advisers only.

This session is running as part of the RA CPD programme for 2022/23 and is a workshop based training session focusing on the important skill of active listening. Developing this skill is something that will be of great benefit to you in your RA role, but will also be helpful more widely in your work and life away from Halls.

The session will be led by Lynn Learman, the Wellbeing and Counselling Service Manager at the University. The session is being run as a workshop, so will give you a chance to practice and develop practical skills in active listening. It will last for two hours, and will take place in the Flexible Teaching Space in the CTL on Campus.

This session is not mandatory training, however active listening is a vital skill that can really enhance your ability to engage with and help your students. We would therefore recommend everybody who is able, and who did not take part in this session last year, to attend, particularly if you are a new RA to the role.

Session overview:

You may think that you listen well in your everyday interactions but if you really did do this all the time you would be exhausted. This workshop will look at the difference between attention giving, listening and active listening.

It will be an experiential workshop, not a lecture, with the aim of giving you some real and practical skills to take away. We will provide an opportunity to practise active listening and experience both good and bad examples of what helps and hinders.

The two hour session will take place in the Flexible Teaching Space in the CTL on campus, 6-8pm.

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