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Life in the Community

By sophiebk 07 Jun 2021

Moving in to your own home is an exciting time for every student. Many areas close to the University have a high proportion of students living within them, but no area could be considered as being ‘student only’. To help you settle into the local community and make the most of your time there we would recommend being considerate of your neighbours and the community you are moving in to. 

Say Hello

Your neighbours could be students like you but they could also be young professionals managing a 9 - 5, ill or elderly people or a family with young children. When you first move in be sure to follow the social distancing guidelines at all times, but where appropriate we would recommend introducing yourself. You’ll be living next to each other for a year, and community is more important now than ever before. Ask questions about the street and the area, in particular practical things you might need to know like when the bins go out or if there is anything you need to be aware of now you live there.

Stay Safe

It is extremely important that you take safety and security in your new home seriously. Remember, thieves operate at all hours so be sensible whether you're in the house or leaving for the day. Don't invite unwanted guests into your home by leaving your windows or doors unsecured and follow the below steps to minimise any risk:

  • Speak to your landlord or agent immediately if you are unsure about how to use any of the locks, if they are faulty or if keys are missing. 
  • Be careful who you let into the communal areas and don't let people follow you into the property if you don't know who they are.

  • Don't leave your valuables on show and register them on, where you can record all of the serial numbers of your goods. If they are stolen the Police will work with second hand stores to try and retrieve your belongings.

  • Don't leave the packaging from expensive goods you have bought outside next to your bin, instead take it to a recycling bin or to the tip.

  • If there is access at the back of the property, always make sure that gates are locked and fences are secure.

Get Involved

Many of the residential areas which are popular with students have a local residents group and you are welcome to join these groups, enabling you to have your say in your local area and to support local community initiatives.

Some details of local groups are below:

Ropewalks Residents Association

Ropewalks is the name given to the cultural quarter which runs from the south end of the Liverpool One development up to Chinatown. More information here.

Dales residents

Covering the ‘Dales’ roads around Smithdown Road. Contact Maggy Read to get involved:

Friends of Greenbank Park

Working to protect and enhance the jewel in Greenbank's crown. Regular meetings, planting, litter picks and other volunteer opportunities. Members of all ages from within the local community. More information here and contact the chair (Roberta Peak) via this email address:

The Avenues Neighbourhood Network

For residents of the ‘Avenues’ area off Ullet Road, close to Sefton Park, in L17. Find out more here.

The Banks Neighbourhood Group

Residents' group for the "Banks" network of streets surrounding Greenbank Park. You can email the Chair (Ian Skillicorn) to find out more via this email address:     

Kensington Residents Group

This is a group for people living in Kensington. Get involved here.

You can also access Liverpool Student Home's extensive guide to life in the Community here.

Find out more about Volunteering and Societies here.