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Inter-Halls Futsal Tournament

By hannahk 27 Nov 2023

´╗┐´╗┐Represent your Hall and play futsal against other Halls teams!

When? Thursday 7th December 

Where? Sports & Fitness centre on campus, 6-8pm

The tournament welcomes all abilities! Never played Futsal? Not a problem! Click here to see what Futsal looks like...

How to get involved...

Register your interest in playing with your Hall's Sport Activator! All you need to do is send an email to your Hall's Sport Activator to sign up. Click your Hall below to find your Hall's Sport Activator details...

Greenbank Student Village

Contact Joel:

Crown Place

Contact Tash:

Philharmonic Court & Dover Court

Contact Sophia:

Vine Court

Contact Joe:

Tudor Close

Contact Tansholpan:

Melville Grove

Contact Virginia Walden:

Unsure on how to play futsal? Here are the rules...
  • 5v5 (1 Keeper & 4 outfield players).
  • Squads recommended 5-8 maximum.
  • No Offsides
  • Game Played to Blue Lines (upstairs hall at the Sports Centre).
  • If the ball leaves the side line – the ball is returned via a Kick in.
  • The ball must be still and the player has 4 seconds to return the ball to play (on the 4th second, the ball will turn over to the opposition).
  • If the Ball leaves for a Goal keeper clearance – the keeper must roll or throw the ball out to restart play – the 4 second rule applies here too.
  • The keeper is free to leave their area but is limited to 4 seconds in their own half. They are free out the time restriction once they reach the opposition half.
  • Keeper – Pass back rule. The goalkeeper can only touch the ball in one ‘phase of play’. E.g. The goalkeeper distributes the ball to their teammate, they cannot receive the ball again unless: The ball goes out of play or the opposition touch the ball.
  • If they receive the ball intentionally – it is an indirect free kick.
  • The keeper cannot pick the ball up from an intentional pass by their teammate (unless a header or a chested pass).
  • Substitutes – the game doesn’t need to be stopped for subs to be made. The departing player must leave the court before the substitute joins the game. 


Please be aware that there will be a photographer present taking photos at this event. Please click here to see how your image may be used.

If you would not like your photograph to be taken and/or used according to the options in the link, please speak to a member of staff at the event. Got a question? Get in touch