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Exploring Liverpool

How to spend 24 hours in Liverpool

By hannahk 25 Jan 2022

We might be biased but there is so much to see and do in Liverpool. Whether you’re new to the city or have friends visiting for the weekend, we’ve put together a ’24 hours in Liverpool’ to give you inspiration for how to make the most of your time. 

10am – Good morning! 

Assuming that you are either on campus living in Halls or have hopped on the 699 from Greenbank to campus – it’s time to get going. It’s important to make sure you are fuelled up for the day so make your way over to Hope Street for some of Liverpool’s best restaurants and breakfast places. Take a detour through Falkner Square Gardens to get a real feel for the Georgian Quarter.

12pm - Culture

It might be a good idea to walk off breakfast so if you’re not already there, head back towards Hope Street. If you stand in the middle of Hope Street, you will see both of Liverpool’s cathedrals at either end. Both cathedrals are worth a visit and offer incredible views.

Make your way up the outdoor steps of the Catholic cathedral to get a great view. If you want more views, and are brave enough, head inside the Anglican cathedral to buy a ticket for the Tower Experience. This amazing viewpoint will give you 360 degree, panoramic views of the city. 

Some breakfast recommendations – Moose Coffee, Papillon and The Quarter all offer delicious food in one of the best settings of the city.

1pm - Shopping

Next, walk down to Bold Street to explore some of Liverpool’s many independent shops and cafés. If you like vintage, go to COW Liverpool, Pop Boutique or Soho’s. Need a quick stop off? Try Bold Street Coffee, Ropes & Twines or Leaf for a quick coffee for example. Liverpool is a huge advocate of independent businesses so rest assured that there are plenty of cafes and shops to go back and visit.

Find out more about Bold Street here.

3pm - Peckish?

The Nakery on Berry Street (top of Bold Street) offers raw, vegan, ‘naked’ cakes, snacks as well as smoothies and milkshakes. From here, you will get a good view of the Chinese arch and China town.

3.30pm - Activity time!

What next? Why not head down Duke Street to PINS for a game of bowling? Or to Ghetto Golf in the Baltic triangle. If you fancy something more low-key, make your way down to The Albert Dock to explore some of Liverpool’s museums and galleries. Find out more in our Free things to do in Liverpool article here.

6pm - Dinner

We love a food market in Liverpool and there are plenty to choose from. For example, Duke Street Market or Baltic Market which offers an industrial style food court with plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste. Surrounding Baltic Market you’ve got plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. 

8pm - Not tired enough to go home yet?

Albert Dock is a very pretty place to visit of an evening. You can look out onto the River Mersey and the Dock itself is lit up with fairy lights of a night. If you’re looking for a lively bar, the Albert Dock has lots of options. If you fancy more of a relaxed atmosphere, you can head to Brasco Lounge on Mann Island for drinks and a board game.  

It’s probably time to head back to Halls now. If you’re up for it, call into the Philharmonic Pub on the way back up to campus. The pub is now Grade I listed and its worth checking out its traditional interior.

9am - Good morning, again!

It’s been almost 24 hours but there’s just enough time for breakfast. If you’re at Greenbank, head to Lark Lane for some amazing breakfast venues such as Pippins Corner, Milo Lounge or Polidor 68. If you’re looking for breakfast on-the-go, head to the Watering Can in Greenbank park for a pastry to take away.

Those of you on campus, take a short walk to the Waterhouse Café in the Victoria Gallery and Museum. It’s a definite must to eat here if you’re a University of Liverpool student and it offers very affordable options!

That’s it, we hope you enjoyed! Take a look at our other Exploring Liverpool pages here.