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Halls Sustainability: Being Green in Halls

By sgrmerce 15 Oct 2020

We’ve provided some tips of how you can have a fab year in halls while also doing that little bit extra for the planet.

Get involved:

This year your Hall is taking part in the #GreenHalls campaign – a sustainability competition between the residences – and we want to hear how you will be living more sustainably this year. 

Tell us what actions you will take and sign up to hear more about the campaign. By pledging, you’re in with the chance of winning a pair of return LNER train tickets OR £25!

The #GreenHalls campaign provides advice to help you live more sustainably, with regular competitions and the chance to further your knowledge through free training and online resources. As well as taking personal action to reduce your carbon footprint, you will also be helping your residence win the overall halls competition, with the most sustainable residence getting a prize at the end of the year. The overall winners will be based on energy-saving, recycling scores and student engagement but there are lots of other things you can do to be sustainable – see our advice pages here and watch our video with our 5 top tips for saving energy. If you want to get more involved in the #GreenHalls campaign you can register to become a volunteer here!

Join our events: We will have a range of events throughout the year.

  • We have some vegan cooking classes coming up, keep a look out in your weekly emails!
  • We are running a herb pot planting in each Hall, find out more here

Get to know your recycling bins!

We’ve all come from different places across the UK and the world, and just to make things confusing, each area has its own recycling system.
Hovering over the bins because you’re unsure whether that pizza box or shampoo bottle is recyclable? Familiarise yourselves know how we did it here in Liverpool by checking out our handy posters in your kitchen: 

We’ve all been there. Check out for

Thousands of pounds are spent on removing non-recyclable items in recycling centres, so if you’re still unsure, stick with the phrase If In Doubt, Throw It Out!