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Halls Community Fair: Your top 4 questions answered!

By hannahk 05 Dec 2022

At the Halls Community Fair in November, we asked you what you'd like to know more about before moving on from Halls. We took the top 4 most common themes and questions and summarised everything you need to know.

1. How and where can I find accommodation for next year?

When you’re feeling ready, you can start your search for accommodation next year. If you are looking to move into private accommodation, whether it be private Halls or a property, start your search on the Liverpool Student Homes website.

Liverpool Student Homes only advertise accredited landlords which means that they are either recognised, accepted or approved by Liverpool Student Homes.

On the website, can use lots of different search criteria e.g. maximum budget, area, number of bedrooms to find the right place for you. If you need advice you can chat to the Liverpool Student Homes team for advice. You can drop into their office on campus, phone, email or live chat. Find Liverpool Student Homes' contact details here.

2. When should I start looking?

The only time when you should start your search for next year’s accommodation is when you are feeling ready and prepared. There is no rush to sign up to a tenancy agreement as Liverpool offers plenty of student housing throughout the year.

It can be tempting to start looking or sign up to a tenancy too early but you can be rest assured that Liverpool Student Homes continue to post new properties on their website for 2022/12 from the 1st December 2022 onwards. New properties are added to the website throughout the year so there is no rush to sign up to anything too early.

3. How can I find flat mates to live with next year?

One thing to remember is that students will find housemates to live with at different times of the year. Don't feel pressure to have found a group to live with already as this can happen at any time.

The Halls Life team will organise a Housemate Mixer where you can grab a slice of pizza and chat to other students looking for housemates. The exact date is to be confirmed but this will happen in February 2023 so keep an eye on @LivUniHalls socials and your weekly email for more information!

As well as this, Liverpool Student Homes will organise Find A Housemate events regularly. These are opportunities to come along and meet other people who are also looking for housemates.

There is also a message board facilitated by Liverpool Student Homes where you can post messages if you're looking for students to live with or looking to advertise a spare room.

4. How can I find reliable landlords?

When signing a tenancy, you want the reassurance of knowing that the provider or landlord is accredited. Liverpool Student Homes only advertise accredited landlords which means that they are either recognised, accepted or approved by Liverpool Student Homes. 

The team at Liverpool Student Homes also offer a Contract Checking Service which means you can pop into the office and a member of the team will check through any concerns on the contract that you might have.

Lots of accredited providers will be at the next Housing Fair on Thursday 8th December, 11am-3pm in the Guild of Students. This event is an opportunity to research your options for next year and to grab some freebies. There will be no obligation or pressure to sign up for any tenancies.