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Get Involved

Getting involved in your Hall's community

By hannahk 03 Feb 2023

Rest assured that there's going to be a busy, fun filled semester ahead! There are lots of different events and activities for you to get involved in. Find out how you can get to know new people and make new friends...

Halls Life

During your time in Halls you'll find that the Halls Life team will organise lots of different activities to help you bond with your own flat mates and meet new people. Check Halls' social media @livunihalls and Facebook groups and the Halls Life events page to stay up to date with upcoming events!

Click here to find out everything about Halls Life.

Halls Student Committees

We work closely with the Guild of Students to make sure that each Hall has a Halls Student Committee (HSC). Being a HSC member is an opportunity open to all students! Residents work together to make sure that everyone has the best time whilst living in Halls by attending meetings and making sure students opinions are heard. HSCs have a budget to promote a feeling of community however students living in the hall decide this is needed. As a HSC member you can plan exciting events, trips, activities and meet new people. If you want to join your HSC, email and we'll get you started! 

If you don't want to join your HSC, keep an eye out for events and activities that they organise for residents!

Halls Give it a Go

The Halls Give it a Go programme (GIAG) is run by the Guild of Students and the Halls Life Team and gives you the chance to try loads of new activities and visit new places. Most of the activities are either free or heavily discounted (up to 75% off). GIAG gives you a chance to meet other students, make new friends and try something new without paying the high price tag. Halls GIAG trips and events will be advertised on our Facebook groups, weekly email and on the Guild's website.

Sustainability in Halls

Our sustainability programme provide opportunities for students, staff and the wider community to think green & become more sustainable. Throughout the year the Guild host sustainable events and activities, as well as lots of campaigns, competitions and activities provided by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK). If you're interested in sustainable living and getting involved, keep an eye on our social media, weekly email and the Guild's page. 


At the University of Liverpool, pretty much every interest is covered by a society - from beekeeping to comic books to baking there is plenty to get involved in. A society is group of students with similar interests who come together to learn, organise and experience their passions in life! Find out more about the societies at Liverpool Guild here.


The Guild hosts lots of volunteering opportunities perfect for students to get involved in e.g. you could become a Leave Liverpool Tidy volunteer, a Mental Health charity volunteer or Flat Sustainability Champion. Please note that the volunteering opportunities vary throughout the year. For the latest opportunities, click here


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