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Becoming a Residential Adviser - 2022/23 FAQs

By sophiebk 31 Mar 2022

1. How do I apply?  

Current students, alumni and staff of the University of Liverpool must submit their applications via the Careers platform, Handshake. This is a link to the vacancy, alternatively, you can log on to the platform and search the job title ‘Residential Adviser’.

New students that will be starting studies for the 2022/23 academic session and cannot gain access to Handshake are also welcome to apply. You will need to contact to express your interest and we will send you the Competency Question Sheet and request your CV.

2. Who can apply? 

To apply you must be:

  1.  a registered Postgraduate or Returning Undergraduate (2nd year and above) student of the University of Liverpool for the full 2022/23 academic session (September 2022 to August 2023), OR
  2. a member of staff of the University of Liverpool, holding a substantive rather than casual post for the full 2022/23 academic session (September 2022 to August 2023).

If there are a high volume of applications, priority will be given to students who have applied over staff members.

3. Can I choose where I want to be an RA? 

You can mention your preference with regards to hall location at the formal interview or assessment centre stage. If there is a vacancy within your preferred team and the recruiting warden feels that you would be a good fit, then you would be offered a position there. If your preferred hall has no vacancies, you may be offered a room at an alternative hall. 

You can have a look at all our different Halls of Residence here.

4. How often will I be on duty? 

This varies by hall and is subject to change but typically, you would be on duty one night a week. This would be 8pm – 8am on weeknights and 6pm – 8am on weekends. 

When you are not on duty, you would still be expected to be available and willing to get involved during key times in the academic year, especially to support Halls Life events designed to improve the student experience.

More information on being on duty and other role expectations can be found within the job description.

 5. Do I have to live with the students? 

All of the halls have single occupancy, private bedrooms. The majority of halls have en-suite bathrooms, however in Melville Grove and Tudor Close you would have to share a bathroom with students or other RAs.

All RAs living in en-sute halls of residence should be accommodated in Studios or Studio Apartments from September 2022 onwards- this would mean you have your own bathroom and private kitchen. Please note that self-contained units are not available at Melville Grove or Tudor Close.

You can have a look at the different Halls of Residence, and room types, here.

6. How much will I be paid? Can I work part-time on the side?

RAs are provided with FREE accommodation in recognition of the vital service they provide within our halls of residence.

It is possible to be a RA and have another part-time job to help with your living costs. It is strongly advised that you discuss any additional jobs with a recruiting warden prior to appointment to ensure you will not encounter any major conflicts of your time.

7. When will I hear back?

The majority of new RAs for 2022/23 will be recruited by the end of July 2023. We will endeavour to contact shortlisted candidates by June 2022.

If you have applied over eight weeks ago AND not heard back by 31st July 2022, please feel free to contact us and we will investigate the status of your application.

8. What happens if I have already applied for University accommodation? 

If you need accommodation regardless of getting the RA position, you should apply for accommodation in the standard way via this process and also submit a RA application. If you are successful in your application to be an RA then we will amend your application accordingly.

If you only want to be an RA and will find alternative accommodation if you do not get the position, only apply for the RA role. 

9. The RA contract is a full calendar year, do I have to be around during the holidays? 

There must always be an RA from each hall on duty every night in a year, including term holidays, as some students do not vacate for the holidays. You must be on-site in Liverpool to cover your duty nights so being away for several weeks at a time would be a hindrance to performing in the role. When making the rotas, personal lives are accommodated as much as possible provided ample notice is given; some teams also offer the ability to swap shifts with other RAs. 


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