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An international student's guide to living in Liverpool

By hannahk 10 Aug 2022

If you’re coming to join us in September, congratulations and we can’t wait to see you here! This is a one stop shop for everything you need to know to prepare you for your Liverpool journey.

Weather and climate

Let’s make a start with weather… the month of September is usually mild with highs of around 18° and lows of 10°. The sun will rise around 6.30/7am and will set at around 7/7.30pm.

As we head into the autumn, the temperatures will start to decrease and the sun will rise later and set earlier. On Sunday 30 October 2022, the clocks will go back one hour which means that the days become shorter in terms of sunlight.

In November and December, the temperatures will drop to lows of around 3° and highs of around 8°. The sun will rise at around 7.30am and will set around 4/4.30pm.

What kind of clothes should you pack? A light rain jacket will be useful for September but you will need some layers e.g. jumpers and a warmer, rain proof coat for October – December. Don’t worry, there are lots of shops where you can buy a coat in Liverpool. Check out our Shopping in Liverpool article here.

Shopping in Liverpool

Liverpool is well known for its shops as we have a number of shopping areas in the city centre.

Liverpool has everything from the well know, high street brands through to independent shops. A big part of Liverpool’s culture is its independent shops - something that the city prides itself on. You’ll find larger, department stores in Liverpool One and more independent, local shops on Bold Street and the Baltic Triangle. We even have our own platform Independent Liverpool where you can stay up to date on events, markets and shops in the city. Visit their website here and follow @independentliverpool on Instagram. Find out more about Liverpool’s independent shopping scene here.

Find out everything you need to know about from where to buy groceries, clothes, stationary to where your local post office is here.

Transport in Liverpool

Liverpool is a pretty compact, small city meaning it’s easy to travel around on bus and train. If you are planning a day trip, you can use the Mersey Travel website to plan your route via bus, train or ferry. You can also use the Ticket Finder option to check what ticket is best value for you to buy when travelling.

While living on campus, you’ll have lots of bus routes within walking distance of your accommodation. You’ll also be just a 10-minute walk into the city centre where you can access Liverpool’s main train station Liverpool Lime Street and other bus routes.

Here’s some handy tips on how to get to…

City centre, Liverpool One, Albert Dock, Baltic Triangle

The city centre and Liverpool One shopping centre is around a 15-minute walk from campus. If you want to take the bus, you can go from Brownlow Hill and take bus number 79 to Liverpool One bus station. Albert Dock is just a 5-minute walk from here.

Liverpool One has a bus station where you can travel onwards to Anfield, Goodison Park (bus number 26).

Baltic Triangle has event venues, independents cafes, vintage markets and is home to the Baltic Market. It’s just a 15-minute walk from Liverpool One Bus station... spot the street art and graffiti along the way!

Sefton Park and Lark Lane

Visiting Sefton Park and Lark Lane is a must when staying in Liverpool! It's a great day out for shopping and local, independent restaurants, bars and cafes. Take the 75, 80 or 80a bus from Sugnall Street (near to south campus). To get to the bus stop, head towards the Management School, turn onto Myrtle street and walk in the direction of the city centre.

Formby and Crosby beach

Formby and Crosby beaches are super popular on warm, sunny days. It’s often easier to travel to these beaches by train than bus. You can travel to Liverpool Central Station by walking 10-15 minutes from campus or taking the 79 bus from Brownlow Hill. From Liverpool Central Station you can take the train to Crosby or Formby. It takes around one hour to get to Formby Beach and around 30-40 minutes to Crosby Beach.

Living in Halls

We hope you settle in well to your new home and enjoy your Halls experience. There is so much to get involved in while living in Halls for joining your Halls Student Committee (HSC) to trying out the Give It A Go programme which offers exclusively discounted trips and activities for Halls students. 

It’s important to know that there is also lots of support available to you while living in Halls. You will have a Residential Adviser (RA) and Warden onsite. Your RA will be a first point of contact for any support or advice you need. If you need support, there is also an on-call emergency line you can call at any time during the night. You can find more details in your Hall’s handbook.

It’s also worth checking out what items are not permitted in Halls.

Settling in…

We appreciate that moving to a new country and adjusting to a new city can bring about its challenges. Check out Aditi’s blog on moving to Liverpool as an international student and living in Halls.

Be sure to make the most of your time living in Halls by checking out the Give It A Go programme and staying up to date with our events by following us @livunihalls on Instagram. Be sure to join your Hall’s official Facebook group too. Check out our Exploring Liverpool articles to see our top recommendations for exploring your new home. 

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